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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

for the past few days,

i havent organize my locker very well.

so,it has been like a tongkang pecah.

very2 huru-hara.




quite impressed of the new look of the locker. 

good job, zurina.


10:51 PM

hye people.

welcome to the end of the march.


eventhough bulan march ni, mcm hampeh sikit. ( langgar kereta orang, muka kena hot curler, duit melayang beratus-ratus bayar kereta orang, hidup tanpa air,gaduh dgn bf) tapi, i still can be strong enough to face all this things. sungguh berat ujian di bulan 3 ni. phew.


back to the story that happpened today.

today-got 2 classes.



for II class, i had to wore tudung. hehe. look at my face. totally different,rite?

hideous creature ever. hahaha.

eryn...ohh,how lovely.. hehe.




10:21 PM

monday.urgghh, like usual. had my monday blues.

got 3 classes- hydraulics(9 am-B5), mechanical&electrical system (SME) (11 am-B3) and material&structur mechanics(4 pm- R6).

wore baju kurung. being a gadis melayu for the whole day :)

after SME class, i went back to hostel. had a short nap.

3.30 pm - dya picked me up at hostel for MBS class.

after MBS class.going back.

after magrib, went to megamall with pika and eryn. bowling.....with pian and the gang. and bought some stuffs- test pad, new eyeliner.

caption :

pic #1 : pika and jarir

pic #2 : eryn and me.

pic #3 : pika the champion

pic#4 : hairi and nordin.the cheerleaders

pic#5 : pian and daud a.k.a irwansyah :)

haha. real fun at the bowling game. eryn wons the game. i'm not sure her points. 2nd place belongs to pika. 3rd one is pian, then me and last but not least,jarir. haha. i played like a monkey. but,it's ok,la kan? being in the 4th place.  :)

after that,the girls went to the karaoke jambannak lepaskan gian dah lame x karaoke. hehe.

haha. the poyo faces..

i hate monday. (...ehm,not really,i guess)

9:15 PM

motif utama g jomheboh ni just nak shopping junkfood kat situ je. tapi, masyaallah. crowded gile kat sana. traffic jam. bukan slalu dpt tengok suasana traffic jam kat kuantan ni. almaklumlah, kuantan ni bukannye macam kl, or jb yang buleh dikatekan slalu traffic jam.

on our way to padang mpk. LaLats Crew :)

so,bile da sampai,serbu je booth2 yg ade jual makanan tuh. mcm2 kitorang beli. tapi, tengah sedap2 duduk bersantai atas padang, tibe2 rase mcm nak hujan. alaaaaa........

shiela.pika.eryn. depan booth REMAJA

atas padang.

so,lepas duduk2 atas padang, kitorang g mamam dekat foodcourt ECM. after that, kitorang pegi blek kat padang MPK tu sebab nk tengok konsert jomheboh. unluckily, it's raining and kitorang sampai lambat. mcm sia-sia je eventhough we've got 6 free tickets. huhu~ nak ceroboh g kat bahagian tengah padang memang xbuley sebab ramai sangat orang. very2 crowded and i hate that. so,selepas strategi menceroboh kitorang x accomplished, kitorang decide to go back to our beloved hostel jela. haha.

the end.

moral of the story : sediakan payung sebelum hujan and better watched konsert jomheboh kat tv jela... :)

8:18 PM

Sunday, March 29, 2009

my aunt just passed away.

on thursday. 26 March 2009.

that maghrib, abah called.

abah : tengah buat ape tu?

me : duduk2 je..hmm..

abah : ohh,abah on the way nk balik muar ni.

me : balik muar?nape?dengan sape?ade ape? 

abah : takde,ni aunty noi meninggal ptg tadi.. so,nak pegi melawat la ni..

me : la... ( i dunno why i spoke out this word)

abah : "la" pulak..sedekah al-fatihah la patutnye.

me : hu hu..okey2 (silent....)

abah : abah dgn johari ni. 2 orang je. yang lain tak ikut.

me : ohh,okey2..


and so on..

arwah dikebumikan pada esok harinye. after jumaat prayer,if im not mistaken.


i'm going to miss her.

eventhough im not very close to her, but she treats me very2 kind. 



semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat,diampunkan dosa-dosanya,dan tenang di sana.


7:35 AM

Saturday, March 28, 2009


i didnt heard this song for a long time.

this song is called SOMETHING STUPID.

i'm not sure the original singer of this song.

but the it's been covered by Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman.

the song is really2 sweet.


happy watching.

I know I stand in line 
Until you think you have the time 
To spend an evening with me 
And if we go someplace to dance 
I know that there's a chance 
You won't be leaving with me 

Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place 
And have a drink or two 
And then I go and spoil it all 
By saying something stupid 
Like I love you 

I can see it in your eyes 
That you despise the same old lines 
You heard the night before 
And though it's just a line to you 
For me it's true 
And never seemed so right before 

I practice every day to find some clever 
lines to say 
To make the meaning come through 
But then I think I'll wait until the evening 
gets late 
And I'm alone with you 

The time is right 
Your perfume fills my head 
The stars get red 
And oh the night's so blue 
And then I go and spoil it all 
By saying something stupid 
Like I love you 

The time is right 
Your perfume fills my head 
The stars get red 
And oh the night's so blue 
And then I go and spoil it all 
By saying something stupid 
Like I love you 
I love you...

9:54 AM

having great day here.

window shopping with my gfs.

went to ROXY store.

got attracted by a ROXY bag.

it's black,and i think it would be nice if i could use it to put all my books for classes.

i think i will spend my loan money to buy it..

cant wait to buy that bag..


okey,enough for the bag.

actually,we went for window shooping bcos we ran away from the fogging moment at our hostel. damn nyamuk. huisshh!

plus,the MARA allowance just been banked-in that noon. so,everyone just like excited to spent their money..haha..especially,ME!  :)

wow!miss nadiah a.k.a paris hilton's SIS.

wan. pity you,silau yek? hehe.

the another car.shiela,pika,erin.on our way.

wan just got her YP allowance.and,she had to treat us the BIG APPLE DONUTS.thanks,wan :)


blog's owner.nadiah.

having dinner.KFC. shiela,pika,wan.


me.erin. away to Kuantan Parade.

phew,this gurl again.haha. NADIAH n WAN.

so,at Kuantan Parade,erin bought a bag. colourful,isnt it? nice nice :))

out of story.

the end.



7:43 AM


damn bored.


1:13 AM

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

where is he?

where did he go?

i'm searching for him almost madly.

pity me.

how could he do this 2 me.

i'm searching 4 him for the past 3 days.

he didnt rply any single text that i sent 2 him.


gosh,i need him.

bring him back to me.


1:19 AM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i'm going back 2 kuantan today.

my mid-sem break is over.


out and away~



8:44 AM

sangat beshh.

malas nk story pnjg2.

tgk gmbr jela ea?

b4 bertolak.

yeay~da sampai...

nak mandi.unluckily,IT'S RAINING!!!tapi,kitorg mandi je..

injured dat time.thanx a lot to mr.luqman.he pushed me and i've got my knee injured.

what a pain


pictures of the majid's and future-majid's

k...mau pulang..

and finally,this is the pic of my knee.

bengkak,i guess.

hurts so much.

i cant even straighten my leg.

hate u,luqman.

7:38 AM