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Friday, March 13, 2009

im hving my trauma.

-im avoiding driving car rite now.cos,i juz hit other's car last week.n i hv to pay the owner 570 bucks.wht a suck.the story is,last week i drove my roommate's car to attend my class.unfortunately,when i drove back to hostel,i hit a black saga's car.adoi~at that moment,the owner's fiance was in the car.n that guy screwed me up.he scolded me,again,and again,and again.sad,huh?my luck mybe,cos my friend's car didnt get efffected at all.jus a little scratch at the back bumper of the car. mood : sad.really sad.

p/s : PROTON SAGA,i hate u.....huhu~

-my face!!oh no.know what,i had a big scar at my cheek.its all bcause of this thing.it's the hair curler.dont wanna share the long awful story.it's really awfullllllll......omg!

and that is the current condition of my face rite now.gambar ni di-snap mase nak pegi class on the same day.x brape nampak sangat scar tu sbab dah cover sikit2 guna concealer.unfortunately,the scar's getting worst on the 2nd day.mari kite tengok.

see?teruk kan?omg...dunno what to do.i just bought BIO-OIL.to reduce the scar.but,according to the blablabla paper(umm,i mean,the how-to-use-the-product-paper la...hehe~) ,the minimum effective-ness of the product is within 3 months.oh,shit.are u serious?it's seems like i hve to enjoy dis scary face for 3 months?nooooooooo!xnak la macam niii...malu tauuuu....

anyone?help me.....


6:24 AM