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Monday, April 20, 2009

study study :)

it's seems like everyone's struggling 4 their final exams. so i would like to wish a very good luck 2 all. i'm not having my exam yet, so i still can have a little 'playtime' for a while. hehe..

really understand the pressure. nak hafal rumus, terms, definitions,blabla... silap haribulan, bley tertukar2 rumus. huhu~ ( it's happened to me). and i love the scenes, actually. kdg2 ade yang tergolek2 atas lantai bace buku, listens to music ( don't ever talk to the person, completely will be ignored..hehe) , and the surrounding of the room will be totally huru-hara. buku bersepah-sepah. haha. and sume org akan jd senyap, xbnyk ckp, xbnyk ketawe2, takut ilmu keluar.. haha. i believe this thing actually. jgn ketawa, nnt ilmu keluar.

* hey, me n my bro would make joke of this thing mase skola dulu(time ade exam). we will laugh out loud, and after finish laughing, we will quickly grab nothing in the air and quickly put it at our heads. (konon2 tangkap blek ilmu yg kluar tu then masukkan blek dlm kpale..haha ;p) sometimes, nk jd kan bende tu kelakar, bley pulak tersalah amek ilmu. ( i 'grab' my bro's ilmu, and he will ask me to return back his ilmu.hehe.. ) *

i'm sure everyone's best friend for the night study is Nescafe ( especially my cussy-Eyqa ;p) . and what-so-ever that connected to coffee.. hehe.. but i'm not into it. will be ting tong kalau minum. huhu..

hmm, i'm just a student of UTM-twinning college in civil engineering course. so, for the twinning college, the exam will be a bit late from the others IPTA of IPTS.

what i dislike about my exam period is, when everyone can cheering up for their independence day, i have to stay up late, revising my books, argghh.. bosan.. hate that.. and my other friends that already done with their exams will texting to me, say : "Zu, bile bley hang out ni? aku da abis final nih.. ko xabes final lg ke? "

seriously, i hate that phrase. huhuhu~

so, my exam will be on the first or second week of May. i'm not sure the exact date. must get ready from now on. *Zurina, no more ponteng kelas, no more main-main, assignments and tutorials must be done ASAP, okeyh?

finally, wishing everyone a very best of luck.


3:44 PM